Writers need more than caffeine and whatever snacks won’t get the keyboard too sticky. Our hearts, minds, and souls require feeding, because it is from your heart and your mind and also your soul that you find the pieces that make your work what it was meant to be: a true expression of your purpose. This is why we take our Un-Settling Authors to storied locations to recharge, take in beauty, get group support, and learn more about both the creative and business aspects of our craft. We are all better writers – of our books, our blogs, our social media posts, our branding, and our lives – for it. We call our writing retreats Storyshops.

We’ve ridden an open-air jeep through the Rocky Mountains to see waterfalls and herds of elk, ghost toured a haunted hotel, danced it out in our pajamas, soaked in hot springs, played with energy vortexes, and broken bread at some of the country’s best restaurants. We’ve been inspired by our travels and by each other everywhere we go.

We also offer space for old friends and newcomers who want to hang with us, get a taste of how Un-Settling Books works with the opportunity to write a book with us, or simply join us for a unique, story-filled adventure that will take both personal and business writing to the next level.

During the pandemic, we’re working on virtual Storyshops as well as dreaming about where we’ll go next once travel is safe and exciting once again. We’re looking at Portland, Key West, Hawaii, Chicago, Capri, New Orleans, and … ? Check back in to find out more.