Write Your New Life into Being


Would you still want to write your book if I told you that doing so was going to change your life, change you, in ways you can’t predict? That you will come out the other side more purely and authentically yourself than ever before? That it would be hard but you would end up being so, so grateful for it?

I’m guessing some of you wouldn’t. But some of you – many of you – would cheer and say, “I’m in!” This is what you signed up for – not just when you decided to write a book, but when you decided to come hang out here as a human. You knew you’d be blessed, challenged, exhilarated, terrified, triumphant. You knew you’d be forever changed. And this is exactly what you wanted.

Writing a book is a transformational act, whether you’re undertaking fiction, nonfiction, children’s literature, or poetry. It’s why I bring all of myself, not just my years of editorial experience but also my longtime training as a life coach, to this work with writers. Your shit will most definitely come up – and it’s supposed to. You’ll want someone who knows how to help you deal with it.

If that sounds exciting to you – if you are ready to put your story out into the world and in the process take yourself on – then it’s high time you and I talk, don’t you think? I work one-on-one and also in new small group cohorts. And there is room for you – every part of your brave, scared, intentional, weird and messy self – here.