We love our clients. Luckily for us, they love us right back.

Without Un-Settling Books, my book would still be on my laptop instead of reaching thousands of readers. I didn’t realize when I started writing that I was taking on not only authorship, but a new industry and a small business! Maggie and Sky’s expertise, professionalism, candor, and judgment in all aspects of self-publishing were exactly what I needed to develop a finished product and deliver it to the world. They’re also great fun, and it was a blast working with them!

~ Jay Jackson, author of Decent Discourse: saving your country by loving your (wrong?) neighbor

Life, they say, is much better traveled in good company – and it turns out the same is true for writing a book. Especially your first book! While parts of UBIZO were written prior to working with Maggie and Un-Settling Books, it really came together once I had her input, guidance, and great sense of humor to support me. It’s a little like writing a book with a cheerleader, a top notch English teacher, and your best friend at your side. I highly recommend working with her and the Un-Settling team. Why travel this path on your own if you could do it with Maggie?

~ Christa Gumede Buthelezi, author of UBIZO: A Story of Coming Home

Writing my first book with Maggie was exactly what I needed to actually make it happen! There was so much I didn’t know that goes into and is essential for the book-writing process. Maggie was there for me every step of the way from pre-work to publishing, guiding me through all of the technical stuff I would have let stand in my way if it wasn’t for her. If you are ready to write your book, this is exactly what you need to birth it into existence.

~ Andrea Dawn, author of No Mat Required: Using the Wisdom of Yoga to Create a Joyful Life

 I have loved working with Maggie and Un-Settling books. I found Maggie insightful, intuitive, and very knowledgeable around all matters of writing and publishing. She was always available to encourage me and be honest about my writing in a beautifully supportive way. The fact that my book made it to International #1 Bestseller on Amazon speaks for itself! I can’t recommend her highly enough and am already looking forward to working with Un-Settling Books for my next book.

~ Maritta Philp, author of Womanhood: Reclaiming the Power of the Sacred Feminine

When I started the hunt for an editor, I was mostly a first-time author. By mostly, I mean that I had a handful of fits and starts, and even a couple of completed manuscripts under my belt, but nothing published. I knew that for this manuscript, investing in professional support would be required to get me over the finish line – someone who understood all the idiosyncrasies of grammar, cover design, Amazon, and ebooks. That’s all you need, right? I was so lucky to have found Un-Settling Books, Maggie, and Sky, because I so completely did not know what I didn’t know.

Going through the editing process with Un-Settling Books not only produced a stronger manuscript, it strengthened me personally as a writer and an individual. The manuscript went through several rounds of revisions and thoughtful discussion about its direction, audience, and message, but so too did Maggie and Sky lead me through a process of asking those same questions about myself and my future. In addition, as part of the editorial process, I joined the Un-Settling Books community of writers and authors where I not only received support in working through the process of becoming an author, but made lifelong friends. By the end of nine months, my book was available in paperback and ebook, and I felt like both the book and I had been transformed.

So much of my experience with Un-Settling Books went above and beyond anything I could have imagined ahead of time. The visions I had of doing it myself, or with a “purely editing” editing group, do not even compare to the comprehensive, supportive, and professional process I experienced with Un-Settling Books. Invest in you, invest in your manuscript, and reach out to Un-Settling Books. You won’t regret it.

~ Katie Weiss, author of The Book of Human Awakening: A new understanding of everything we are and came here to be

Working with Maggie and her team made my book work. Without her and her merry band at Unsettling Books, I’d be flailing around without a system or the much-needed industry know-how. As a result, I can now say I wrote a best-seller in three categories. Hooray for our team! 

I’ve worked with many editors and proofreaders over the years, and Sky was by far the best. What I’ve learned about the English language from him is monumental. He explains it all in such a way that even though your sentences may be changing slightly, you just know they will be more digestible and delightful for readers. 

In turn, Maggie worked with me in many capacities, looking at the book as a whole, helping and guiding, and making the process manageable and have momentum. That last part made my book a page-turner (a key goal of mine), and I am so grateful. In addition to the book business know-how, Maggie also played a key role as coach and mentor. This was much needed as I entered unfamiliar territory and learned new skills, having never written a book before! I highly recommend Maggie to others who are considering writing a book, need help and inspiration, and are willing to dive into writing.

~ Cath Shaw Truelove, author of Bees on a Bicycle: Finding Home and Heart in Small and Significant Ways

After publishing two very different books in as many years with Un-Settling Books, I can say without reservation that I fully recommend this entire program to anyone interested in writing and publishing a book. The process is a thorough, step-by-step guide with coaching and encouragement at every point in the journey. Maggie and Sky are more than just editors and have been absolutely key in assisting me in leveling up my writing with each draft – and subsequently, each book. I have at least two more books I cannot wait to write with Un-Settling Books because these have been incredible experiences of growth, enjoyment, and achievement.

~ Hillary Marotta, author of Head and Heart: How to Run a Smart and Compassionate Nonprofit; and Playing My Heart Out: One Ringer’s Passion for Handbells