What We Do

Un-Settling Books is a supportive and collaborative partnership that will take you from wherever you are now in your book project to the guided self-publishing of your fully realized, thoroughly edited, polished, designed, and formatted book on Kindle and Amazon, with a print-on-demand edition poised to head into bookstores, libraries, schools, and boutique retailers.

Many clients start with us before they’ve begun writing; others come to us further along in the process. ​We work with clients in two different phases. The first is Ignite, a journey from pre-work and planning to a completed and reviewed first draft. The second is Launch, which picks up with the second draft and continues through manuscript iteration, book design, and layout to published. Clients who come in ready for final editorial work can work with us on an a la carte basis (prices listed below).

How long we work together depends on your starting point, your schedule, your writing groove, the complexity of the work, and the surprises life dishes out. We’re in this with you to support you in getting the outcomes you yourself will tell us you want from writing your book. We will love you and coach you through every bump, wobble, and real or imagined obstacle. We will get you across the finish line.


For writers starting from scratch. We begin with a holistic look at your message and purpose, then segue into laying the foundation for planning and writing your rough draft. This includes reader avatar development, book structuring, rough draft submission feedback and accountability sessions, group and individual support, and a developmental edit to figure out what’s next.​ $3000 in 4 monthly payments of $750


For writers with a finished first draft or clients continuing with us from Ignite. Writers complete two more draft iterations of their manuscript and will receive ongoing writing coaching and submission feedback, a second developmental edit, a line edit of the final rewrite, cover design, copyediting, proofing, formatting for Kindle and paperback print-to-order, and training for self-publishing through KDP/Amazon as well as basics in branding and marketing. $6000 in 8 monthly payments of $750

Some writers prefer to shop their finished manuscript to find a literary agent or publisher. We’re happy to help you draft your query letter. Non-fiction book proposals are quoted on an individual basis and are not included in our standard book program costs. 

Editorial Services

Developmental Edit: 9 cents per MS word; follow-up edit at 4.5 cents per MS word

Line Edit: 6 cents per MS word

Copy Edit: 3 cents per MS word

Proofreading:  1.5 cents per MS word

Indexing: $3 per indexable MS page

Ghostwriting: from your manuscript, $15,000 for 250 finished pages or less

Ghostwriting: from scratch, $25,000 and up; additional charges for research