What We Do

Join our Writers Community for support and resources when starting out or between projects. Bring us an early or second draft for a manuscript evaluation or developmental editing. Bring us your final for copyediting and proofing. We also offer story coaching and guidance on query letters and self-publishing.

Some clients start with us before they’ve begun writing and work with Maggie or Sky as writing coaches to develop their stories, narrative structure, outlines, and first drafts. 

Not sure how to proceed? Let’s talk. We can take you and your book from wherever you are to wherever you want to go.

The Un-Settling Writers Community 

An online home for writers designed to inspire and support every stage of the creative process. Un-Settling Writers Community membership can take you and your book from wherever you are to ready for querying or into production for self-publishing. 

Be the first to hear about special workshops, online writing sprints, and writing, marketing, and self-publishing masterclasses. Forge connections and relationships that can lead to co-promotion, joint online book tours, platform-boosting, and lifelong friendships. Un-Settling Writers Community membership gives you access to:

  • a Facebook-like discussion feed for meaningful support, quality conversation, peer feedback, and accountability
  • structured, subject-specific weekly Zoom calls with Q&A, guest speakers, and interviews with industry professionals
  • a curated collection of articles, videos, tutorials, and other resources
  • two Writing Together sessions each week: we show up, we mute, we type!
  • 90-minute Writing Mastery Classes once or twice a month
  • Four-week Writing Boot Camp
  • One-on-One Writing Coaching sessions with Maggie (discount packages available)
  • Editorial services: detailed, compassionate developmental and copyediting
  • Coaching/editing packages
Membership begins at $35 per month, and you can cancel or pause any time. Give your writing practice and work the attention and nurturing it deserves. Try the Un-Settling Writers Community for a week for free, and see if it’s a fit.

Editing and Coaching 

For writers with a finished draft at any stage, we offer editorial services at rates commensurate with industry averages. If you’re just getting started and want some help with story and character development, accountability and productivity, and ongoing feedback as you go, we offer writing coaching. And if you have a great idea or a rough draft but no time to write or polish, we love rewriting and book doctoring too.


Developmental Editing .04/word or $45/hour  (includes two rounds)

Copyediting .03/word or $40/hour 

Proofreading .02/word or $35/hour 

Rewriting, Book Doctoring .10/word or $65/hour

Writing Coaching $125/hour (discount packages available down to $78/hour)

Fact-checking $5-$10 per researched page

Indexing $3-$6 per indexable page

Book design services and self-publishing guidance also available.

Bundled Coaching/Editing Packages

We offer two bundled packages. The first is Ignite, a journey from pre-work and foundational planning to a completed and developmentally edited first draft. The second is Launch, which picks up with the second draft and continues through manuscript iteration, book design, and layout to ready to publish. You don’t have to have gone through Ignite to pick up with us in Launch.


A one-on-one program for writers in the early planning stages. We begin with a holistic look at your message and purpose, then lay the foundation for outlining and writing your rough draft. This includes reader avatar development, narrative structuring, character development as applicable, rough draft submission feedback, group and individual support, and a developmental edit to figure out what’s next. $2500 ($625 monthly payments available)

Find out more about our Ignite program’s structure and timelines. 


For writers who already have a first draft and need editorial services more than coaching. We’ll evaluate your first draft for rewrite, then take you through two more iterations of your manuscript, including submission feedback, a developmental edit of draft two, and copyediting and proofreading of the final rewrite.  $6500 (monthly payments available)

Some writers prefer to shop their finished manuscript to find a literary agent or publisher. We’re happy to help you draft your query letter. Non-fiction book proposals are quoted on an individual basis and are not included in our standard bundled costs.

Find out more about our Launch program’s structure and timelines.

Writers Circle

For writers who thrive best in community, who like learning in groups, and who love the idea of sharing their progress with the group as they go. We’ll take you from the very early stages of writing your book (including helping you figure out which story to tell and why) through outlining and structural planning, reader avatar development, and weekly writing submissions to your finished first draft. At the end, you’ll get specific, detailed rewrite suggestions and choices about how to keep working with us if that feels good.

This is everything we teach and offer in the Ignite program taught in a small-group format, including weekly feedback and coaching – plus a likeminded community of fellow authors with whom to commiserate, cheer, and share the journey. $2500 ($625 monthly payments available)

Find out more about our Writers Circle’s structure and timelines.