Un-Settling Books offers a suite of book coaching, editorial, design, and self-publishing services, bundled or a la carte, for beginning to experienced writers. We are creative coaches, longtime editors, and nitpicky proofreaders, working in collaboration with you to help you bring out the story you are meant to tell.

We believe in the power of story and the magic of the changing narrative. We know that each of us write ourselves and our lives into being, every moment of every day. In a world where so many of us were trained to settle for something less than our full selves, for less than our whole power, it’s exhilarating to recognize that settling is a choice. And it’s thrilling to decide to reject it.

Our writers are all done settling. If you are, too, we want to hear from you. Let’s talk.

Maggie McReynolds

Founding Editor

An award-winning author, editor, speaker, and writing coach, Maggie founded Un-Settling Books in 2018 after various incarnations as an ad agency creative director, comedy writer, restaurant critic, columnist, and magazine managing editor. First and foremost, Maggie believes in harnessing the power of story to create and shape our lives. She advocates for each of us to share our stories and hard-won wisdom with the world, and respects the transformative impact of self-reflection and creative collaboration.

Maggie lives in Burlington, Vermont, with an inordinate number of lamps and a small dog who objects to winter.

Sky Kier

Senior Editor

Writer, tireless researcher, grammar nerd, and resident mystic, Sky brings his passion and patience for the beauty and eccentricities of the English language to every manuscript that passes through Un-Settling Books’ rigorous editorial process. He has been with Un-Settling Books since its inception, and continues to compassionately shepherd clients from first draft to final.

Sky lives in Burlington, Vermont, within shouting distance of Lake Champlain.

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