Un-Settling Books is a collaborative book writing and self-publishing program for beginning to experienced writers. We are creative coaches, longtime editors, nitpicky proofreaders, and visionary designers, working in collaboration with you to help you bring out the story you are meant to tell.

We believe in the power of story and the magic of the changing narrative, both on the page and in real life. We know that each of us write ourselves and our lives into being, every moment of every day. In a world where so many of us were trained to settle for something less than our full selves, for less than our whole power, it’s exhilarating to recognize that settling is a choice. And it’s thrilling to decide to reject it.

Our writers are all done settling. If you are too, we want to hear from you. Together, we’ll go places. You’ll write and publish that book. Maybe you’ll write several. Maybe you’ll tell your story on podcasts, in interviews, to small groups, or on stages. Or perhaps you’ll simply own your story for yourself, and use it to rewrite all that comes next in your life. Let’s talk.