Winter Is Made for Books


It’s a grey, blustery day in Montreal, and it’s got me thinking about the long winter ahead. Vermont winters can last six months long.

Three ways to deal with it: snowbirding, find a favorite outdoor sport, or hygge (Danish term for coziness).

I’m all about the hygge.

* roaring fire (mine will be electric)

* tea and cuddly socks

* comfy chair

* virtual “stacks” of manuscripts to write, read, and edit

Blustery days and good books simply go together. And winter is when I want to write one.

You too?

Oh, yes, I know – it isn’t even Halloween, and already we’re being bombarded by holiday hype. It feels ridiculous to be considering what we’ll be doing come January.

Except January comes, one way or the other. And when it does, I’m going to be so happy I lay the groundwork for it now.

Here’s what I know: there’s still enough time before the end of the year to choose, plan, and plot a book. So that when January rolls around and I am overwhelmed by New Year’s resolutions and all the things I’m going to do differently, I can simply dive in to writing without thinking about it twice.

That means I’ll actually finish my manuscript in 2023. It means that by next winter, my work will be published. It means that in early 2024, it will be my very own book I’m reading by the fire.

That sounds immensely satisfying. And quintessentially hygge.

I’m inviting you to join me. Let’s do the foundational work this fall, so that we’re ready to roll after the holidays. I can already see myself, a mug of Earl Grey and my dog by my side, typing out the first lines of the book I already know I’m meant to write.

I can see you too.

Let’s start the planning necessary to write our books in January. Let’s go hygge as hell. Let’s tell our stories and release them into the world to soar and find their homes in our readers’ hearts.

Not ready yet? The next best thing is to put down a deposit now to hold your place on my editorial calendar for January. Three clients have already snagged a January spot, which means I’ve got room for only a few more.

It would be cool if one of them was you.