Writing with the Universe’s “Help”


Remember Paper Clip Guy? He used to pop up in MS Word: “I see you’re writing a letter! Do you need help?”

When you write a book, the Universe is, essentially, Paper Clip Guy.

“I see you’re writing a book!” The Universe says pointedly. “Here, let me help.”

And then the Universe throws the book at you. YOUR book. Often, the very stuff you’re writing about. Writing a book about the dangers of procrastination? The Universe grins and throws obstacles at you.

Writing a book about your hard-won victories from the past? The Universe offers lessons in stuff you really thought you’d worked through already.

Whether you’re writing a book about the overwhelm of being a new parent, how to lose weight, or a spiritual guide to star seeds and the Akashic Records, the Universe delivers just what you need, but probably don’t want, to make sure you’re all clear and leveled up in order to be the author your readers can trust and learn from.

But only every single time.

Writing a book is a beautifully and perfectly transformational process. It might not feel all that beautiful and perfect at the time, however. Which is why I’m a life coach *and* a book coach. My clients count on me for the programs, processes, tools, accountability, and know-how to get their books imagined, completed, and published.

And they rely on me for deep-dive life coaching into the ish that inevitably shows up and gets in their faces. Sometimes even in the way.

Paper Clip Guy was annoying, but easy to dismiss. The Universe? Not so much. If you’re going to write a book, you’re going to be given the opportunity to heal every last wound relevant to your book, to level up your soul and your business, and to step into the future version of yourself who has already hit the best-seller list and is out there making a real and lasting difference in the world.

Find a coach who can address both your book and your life. Without being as annoying as Paper Clip Guy.

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  1. I agree with your point that when we sit to write the universal forces really help us in completing our books. This as an author has happened several times to me. Whenever I get stuck somewhere while writing my book I suddenly get an idea from somewhere to continue writing and this also keeps me motivated to write more. Thank you.

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